• Danielle Allen

How to DISCOVER your talents!

Are you struggling to recognize what you are good at? Is it hard to pinpoint what your gifts are?

Try these 6 steps that can help you discover your talents.

1. Make a list of your interests.

Grab a pen and paper. I will wait... Are you ready? Spend a few minutes to simply brain dump EVERYTHING you can think of you enjoy and love doing on paper. Write it all down. A good place to start is taking a look at what you know about yourself... Talents are not always obvious to everyone; however where you have interests is typically an area that you will learn about a hidden skill set.

2. Try your interests on!

Try each interest out. Make sure to mix it up a bit by trying your interests on in a variety of ways.

For instance if you like photography explore that interest in different ways. Take a photography class, take photos of different things people, animals, nature, etc. Visit an art exhibit or gallery. Read books about photography. Research ways to display your work at an art show. Sell your photos!

You may find that your interest is specific in a certain area or your interest is broad. In the photography example you may learn what you like most about photography is viewing vs. capturing photographs. Likewise you may love everything under the sun that relates to photography. Approaching your interests in different ways can help pinpoint what you enjoy the most.

3. Identify what sparks fire within you!

While trying on each interests pay attention to what comes up for you. How do you respond to what you are doing? What gets you excited? What generates an intense surge of energy or motivates your inner being? What simply sparks joy or satisfaction? As you try each interest you will find that some things are fun to do while others light you up. Keep a journal to capture different responses that you observe while trying your interests on.

4. Observe & take note of what you are naturally good at.

When experimenting with your interests you may find that you are naturally good at certain things. Let's use the photography example again...

You might find that while taking a photography class you catch on very quickly and instinct kicks in when learning photography techniques. You may be a guru in art history and cannot stop talking about famous photographers and realize that it is the history of photography that you love. Or you may have a deep knowledge about camera hardware that you want to teach photo newbies about and realize it is the education of technology you enjoy most. It's important to stay mindful and present with yourself as you explore interests. Sometimes we do not realize our natural abilities because they occur without thought or much effort... this is why it is useful to keep a journal.

Maybe you always knew you were a natural in a certain area or maybe you learned something new about yourself while exploring your interests. Either way take note in where your skills and natural abilities stand out the most.

5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

When you find an interest that generates a strong desire, a deep fire that heightens your energy KEEP DOING IT! Each time you repeat an interest you love where your natural skills are in use, you will learn more about yourself. You will grow and expand by exercising your talent muscles.

6. Integrate the top interest(s) in your life!

Go wild! Expose yourself more and experiment with the top interests as often as possible. The more you do it, the more you TURN ON your talent! Your creativity will begin to flow and possibly overflow like never before. This is a great place to be my friend. Embrace it. Given thanks. Light your talents up!

Try these tips out and share what you discover about yourself.

Let's live out our passions!

...Now ask yourself "How can I make an impact in this world with my talent?"


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