• Danielle Allen

Being Afraid is SCARY!

Being afraid is a scary feeling. It's a normal part of being human. Its not fun but life is not smiles and fun all day every day anyway. So what is so "wrong" with the idea of being afraid?

I do not believe there is any harm or wrong in having fears and being afraid. I do believe at some point we convinced ourselves that being fearful is a bad thing. That we mustn't fear! "God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 2 Tim 1:7; or "be brave in the midst of your fears...", and so many other sayings that we comprehend as a way of rejection for having feelings of fear in the first place. Nothing against such beliefs and sayings, unless you are reprimanded for having the feelings. We must be mindful of how we receive and translate them for our own selves and way of life.

If we avoid doing things because of fear we may miss out. Avoiding things that we find will cause us fear is no way to live either. We may avoid living a life filled with our own greatness, with experiencing a life our minds cannot image. A capacity within ourselves that sits right on the other side of that feeling... the fear in us has its place and a responsibility to make us better than before. I believe that allowing and accepting fear builds us up. It is not much different than accepting feelings of sadness as well. We beat ourselves up when we have these kinds of emotions, as if we should not have them or the thought that something is wrong with us. I mean think about it seriously, we may have people tell us things like "do not be afraid", "stop being a wussy", or "suck it up". But what if I told you, it is OK because we do experience these kinds of emotions. As humans fear, sadness, pain, etc. are all apart of the human-package and its actually a healthy part of being a human to have these emotions. They are necessary for our well being.

So why am I writing about fear or feelings in the first place? Because recognizing who you are, exploring and identifying your natural talents for the first time (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th time) can be uncomfortable and raise up fears in yourself that have been dormant. Stirring up emotions that you do not want to experience or face because you are in a place of comfort... who would volunteer to do that to themselves? I must admit, I would not; not initially. However in pursuing a path to learning and discovering your natural talents will lead you to a realization that your being craves much more than you have allowed yourself to live.

But I am so grateful the tugging and pulling on my spirit did not fade away, because it is the reason that I stepped out on faith and trusted what my heart, my passions have yearned for all along; all my life as far as I can remember. Loving on others through exhortation that is where my spirit pulls me. Showing up and being an encouraging voice whether with a challenge or a supporting word; however I am lead to speak in the moment. Opening myself up on a large platform like this blog and social media that was scary. Scary as it is (yes IS), I am reaping the benefits, satisfaction from what is innate to my being. I still today work on allowing and accepting feelings of fear (and sadness). I am writing this blog to simply say being afraid is OK. Be afraid. Be accepting of yourself when you are afraid. Do not try to mask it or push it away. Having these feelings are a sign that you are human. You can start your journey to a life of passion, a life of purpose all while being afraid along the way... and that is OK.

You will always build yourself up each time you take actions that resonate with your being, afraid or not. Accept who you are, right where you are.


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