About Me

Experienced Intuitive Coach

I have always had a passion to encourage and motivate people; family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who I made a connection with.


I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering Technology with 12+ years’ experience in Project Management, Change Management, Process Development, and 5 years’ experience coaching Executive Leaders.  As a Coach to Executive Leaders, I provide leaders with support and clear understanding of the challenges their facing, guidance how to step forward into decision making, and how to ultimately bring value to their work using their skills and abilities.

I can see beyond the surface and help expose the truths in people that allow them to achieve the results they desire. My gift is recognizing the abilities in how people can pursue their calling through tapping into their passions.  I use my gifts to Coach and build leaders.


As a teenager I was uncertain about what career path to take for college that fit me and my future.  I spent a long time trying to find what set of careers I could fit into that would allow me to earn a living without really knowing how I wanted to spend my future.  After my first year out of college working in Corporate America it hit me, the very thing I kept being drawn to and spent most of my life doing was my own calling.  Since the age of 10, I can recall having the ability to see the future in certain people where they step into their calling and live a fulfilling purposeful life.  Experiencing that ‘knowing’, is exhilarating for me personally and it sets me on fire to talk with them, help them, support, and guide them.  Through these life experiences I discovered my own gifts and calling as an Intuitive Life Coach. 


At the age of 12, while attending a class field trip with my cousin, I met a young man who I instantly knew had a grand future ahead of him.  The future I knew he had was not about fame or money, instead it was a huge life experience because he had a fierce energy about him that lit up.  He was a class clown, getting into trouble and he was a bit annoying.  Not many people believed he would amount to much, but I could see past it all.  His presence alone shined bright through all the other classmates and I knew he would live a purposeful life stepping into his calling.  He was created for a purpose and I was able to witness him in his purpose.  Today he lives in his calling as a motivational speaker who stands on stages inspiring hundreds of people. 


I see the future in people, I experience the magnitude of their gifts and the impact they bring simply through being in their presence and hearing them speak.  I light up when I receive a knowing that they will live out their life calling.  It brings me an enormous amount of joy when I experience such moments.  Spirit has created me to be a conduit for people who have a desire and ability to step into their calling.  As an Intuitive Live Coach my gifts allow me to grant space for individuals to step into their truths that grant them access to the energy that they require to live out their life calling.  Their Pursuit to Passion is the journey that leads them into their life’s calling, and the journey is where I guide and support them.